12-month Euro 100M cash-backed BG

 WE speak to no one unless they understand and grasp what our bank, Our explanation and requirement are hereby, take it to their bank, and receive approval from the bank. 

Ask the clients to simply read, understand and follow OUR procedures and process which are very straightforward and simple, as follows:

We can help by providing a 1-year secondary collateral of  Euro100M cash-backed BG to support/activate/extend his credit line to allow him to utilize about 95% of our Euro 100M BG to fund their project development and/or commodity purchases/shipments over the 12 months period.

Ask your clients to check with their bank to establish the following: If OUR Group provides them with a 12-month Euro 100M cash-backed BG from one of our top 10 world banks to utilize as secondary collateral to support their existing credit line…or to create a new credit line, if such banks will provide the client with the cash they need from same re-collateralized credit line to fund their project development or purchase their products?

The banking process and procedure is simple. WE have large primary BG allocations from several of the top 10 world banks. So here’s the process:

1) Clients must have Euro 500,000 to pay for the bank-to-bank Swift charges to allow us to send our Euro 100M instrument into their bank
2) WE sends into clients’ existing/new credit line at their bank a MT-799 pre-advice of Euro 100M
3) The client’s bank acknowledges and confirms receipt by responding to our bank with a MT-103/23
4) Our bank dispatches our MT-760 instrument into client’s account for payment to us within 10 banking days from same re-collateralized credit line by OUR cash-backed Euro 100M
5) From same credit line, client gets access to the cash they needs from the credit line to fund their project development or buy their products. WE makes money by utilizing its allocated instruments with new clients. The client’s bank is able to show Euro 100M of new cash-backed assets on their books to utilize in its internal trading programs. All parties benefits without any major risks involved.

This program is possible because WE have the primary BG instrument allocations from several of our top 10 world banks to offer in the secondary marketplace for project funding. This program allows US to make secured project funding available to business clients, across the globe, and they can have their money within 10 banking days from start to finish.